Thinking on whether I actually need more colors, and what to do about it…


I’m going to fight a little bit of a block here and go ahead and post.


I really can’t tell at this point, but I’m thinking that I should keep getting decent paychecks even with my cut hours, so long as I keep substituting when I can.  Hours should free up in a month, when people go back to school (and off to college). Being called in isn’t a bad thing, so long as I don’t assume that I’m going to get all four or five days off in a row.

The hard part is, really, being at work when we’re understaffed, but so far as I can see, my help is appreciated so much that I get enough support.

Today was rather uneventful…thankfully.

Anyhow, I thought I’d get around to posting the main doodle I did on lunch hour the other day with the Stabilo 68s — I digitally erased the surrounding material.  The colors didn’t turn out on the scanner quite as they did on the paper; in particular, some of the subtle greens didn’t come out, and the fluorescent tinge is no longer there.  In general, the colors on the original are more saturated and neon, while the above is pastel.

I didn’t intend for this to be a reference to Frisky Dingo, but I looked up “boosh” online after people asked me what it meant (it means “boosh!”), and found the reference.  I’d have to watch the series over again to see if the term was used in the same way as I meant it here.

With my own school starting back up at the end of the month, I am anticipating some costs — though this would mostly be for pads of paper.  How many I’ll need, and of what type and size, I don’t know yet.  What I do know is that paper is one of the more expensive things I could buy…but I also know that I already have a lot of it.

As mentioned prior, I’ve been torn about the acrylic ink issue, but right now the curiosity isn’t pressing enough for me to purchase any.  If I do move further into illustration, though…it’s worth checking out.  What I read today while briefly browsing online is that acrylic inks are like thin acrylic paints…and I already have acrylic paints.  I’ve also seen them behave like watercolors, though, too…kind of interesting, but with the issue of lightfastness (inks are expected to be less lightfast than paints)…not as enticing as it could be.  I might ask myself, “why not just purchase liquid watercolors?”…

(though I think, really, the viscosity of the acrylic inks is something at which I go “ew…”  Like, do I really want to use my good Sumi brushes in that?)

So…I’m not looking forward to buying much.  I’ve wanted to expand the marker collection, but maybe I should only do that after I get used to the markers I already have.  In particular, I need to see what the scanner does (or can do) with the lighter tones of grey that I have.  Right now, the lightest tone it’s picking up is Cool Grey 3 (out of a 12-step range from 00 to 10).  Maybe before trying to use these on an illustration, I should see what I can digitize and what I can’t.

I have already found that I can desaturate the image and have my Cool Grey range look like it’s a Neutral Grey range.  I’m not sure what else I can do while playing around with Layers…but it’s something to explore.  I’d been hoping to try Warm Grey and Neutral Grey along with the Cool Greys, and then start in with the color bit by bit, but that’s not a good idea until I at least know that I like using what I have now.

Right now, I’m wondering if I should take what I would have spent on art supplies and save it.  It might be good practice…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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