Back on the mandala project…

Hey, so:  guess what I was doing last night instead of blogging?  🙂

I finally got back to work on the mandala project.  I was really more intrigued by the possibility of having drafted an image in Binary than anything…though at this point I’m unsure just what connection the number 2 (or rather, 1/2) has to what I’m doing.  I basically found a pad of graph paper and cut out an 8″x8″ square, then started folding.

I have yet to really analyze the lines, but you can see what I was doing by this image:

Updated version, with guidelines marked.
Updated version, with guidelines marked.

I marked out all the relevant folds on the original, then reproduced them on graph paper, and went over them in colored fineliner.  Amazingly, the Non-Photo Blue guidelines on this graph paper are actually (!) almost not showing up in the scan.  I didn’t even set the scanner to erase the background.

This isn’t the final version; it’s just the blueprint.  I went out earlier and picked up some 8″x8″ watercolor paper to trace this onto.  I was torn about what to do with this; I still haven’t used the 12″x12″ pad yet (same brand), so I don’t know how this will perform with my watercolors.  But the 8″x8″ pad cost as much as a roll of 1″ blue Painter’s Tape, so I figured I’d have a go at it.

I wanted to try stretching and taping the paper with Kraft paper tape, as I’d been apprised was an option; but I didn’t have the Kraft tape, and I’ve read online that it’s difficult to completely remove.  Even if the tape is removed successfully by rewetting it (it’s kind of like the glue on an envelope, water-activated), apparently the adhesive still remains on the painting.  The only options then are either to let the gum stick to the painting, cut the taped portion off, or try and wipe the glue off (which may endanger the painting).

I was also thinking maybe I could use 9″x12″ Watercolor paper, mount it dry on a piece of Hardbord, tape it with blue Painter’s Tape, and then paint on it, and after it was fully dry, remove the Painter’s Tape.  (I’ve found that papers that buckle may flatten themselves out again if they’re taped down).  But I may not be going wet enough — or large enough — with this, to really require that.

The reason for any of this concern about mounting is that watercolor papers may buckle if they get too wet…and I don’t want to have to iron my painting.  The paper I got is attached to a block on two sides, but I still read that people experienced buckling with it.

What I did do was get Saral paper, which is a greaseless, reusable transfer paper.  I figure I may be doing enough of these, to merit it.

I’ll put the rest of this in a different post.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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