Figure Drawing Critique #3 down! One more to go.

mandala 001
This is a photo of the image I turned in, today.

This is the drawing I had critiqued, earlier today.  The model for this image is the same one who was holding the little sparkly ball in a previous entry.  Unfortunately, I don’t know his name, but …well, I don’t know a lot of the model’s names!  A lot of them go by pseudonyms anyway, understandably.

I really think my original image of this was stronger than the way that this image turned out.  For reference (yours and mine), that’s here:

This was the original drawing (of course cropped and all that for the Web).
This was the original drawing (of course cropped and all that for the Web).

I think the original was much more full of life (the model’s, and my own), and the sense of the model’s weight and heft was there.  He’s visibly leaning to the left, whereas in my final image, the sense of heaviness at rest is not really as apparent.  The mandala-looking thing is there because I wanted a center of attention at the upper left and wanted flow throughout the composition, and realism didn’t really matter to me.

To me, it looks like the model is contemplating an alien on some other planet, or that he’s hallucinating.  I did get into the latter interpretation in class, today…and spoke a little about my experiences in regard to telling brain-fry apart from reality (though I have few experiences with visual or auditory hallucinations, and probably none that are significant, other than seeing stars and other symptoms of migraines; and sometimes moving dots, like gnats, at the corners of my vision, which aren’t there when I check with my central vision).

I was basically working on the first image for most of the day, yesterday.  Unfortunately, my resolve to get it (and my Expressive Portrait) done by the end of the week failed somewhat, and so right now I’ve got a portrait which is coming together, but not finished.  I’ve also got to go to class tomorrow because I need to make arrangements for the field trip and sign up for a section for our next-to-final presentations…and reserve a spot for the Final papers/ presentations.  Thankfully, though, I probably only have two hours of work left on that portrait — and I have what I need, largely; unless I go for a gloss gel to emphasize texture in the hair.  I might be able to wing it with the ultra matte gel and glazing medium, though…

I only have four weeks left in these classes…I’m going to try and do well, regardless of whether I do all the reading or not (and I know that, at least as of two weeks ago, not everyone even has the textbook at this point).  I’m two chapters behind because I’m prioritizing my Studio classes over my Art History class.  I think I can see why we started out with Contemporary Art History and moved backwards…because the contemporary stuff is a lot more relevant, even though it is nice to have some context around Rococo, and match up World History (at least where it comes to Europe and the Americas) with Art History (in Europe and the Americas).

I do wish that there was an Art History class that would be like an Ethnic Studies Art History class, but that…actually may be in the works, unless it’s already around and I’ve forgotten about it.

I should get some rest, now.  I’ve got to get up early, tomorrow…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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