Copic hoarding

Saa…today has been full, I guess.  I did spend more than I probably should have, given that I got a small paycheck this time because I was sick and because February was a short month.

I was able to get to the art supply store, where one of the employees recognized me and engaged me in a bit of casual, noncommittal conversation, which was nice.  I went in there and he was like, “you, again?”  😉  They are really getting to recognize me over there.  Moreso since school started… :/ hehehe.

I was able to fill out my Copic line in Cool Gray, which I know seems kind of silly since it is probably one dye or pigment (I don’t know which it is, but I’m guessing dye, given most markers’ fugitive color understandings) that is just diluted to different extents.  But the Copics seem to last, which is nice — I haven’t had one dry out yet.  The differentiation between each tone is much more mathematical than in other brands.  And I’ve found out that their marker lines either aren’t there, or they blur together on appropriate paper.  There’s also a “wash” effect which happens when they’re used quickly, which is really nice, especially now that I know how difficult it might be to illustrate using watercolor.

Not that I’m giving up on watercolor — but there is a lot of negative-space work where it comes to the transparent stuff, which is a bit advanced from my position right now.  This is especially when it comes to working with a brush and water, which is still relatively new to me.  Nor have I been using gouache in conjunction with the transparent colors (which might make my world a lot easier).  I’m also thinking that trying this out in the studio first would be better than trying it in the field.

But yes — filling out my marker collection cost approximately $45, as most of the tones I got were not in the Ciao line at my store — I had to go to the Original or Sketch markers, and actually got a combination of both.  Some tones just were not stocked with some models, and I didn’t even consider getting an empty Ciao barrel and some nibs and refill inks.  I did get effects which were so nice with the incremental tint variations in the lighter inks, though, that I figured it might be worth it to get the darker ones.

So I can play with these now — and figure out whether my scanner is advanced enough not to lose the value differentiations later.  I should be able to play around with Levels, though, and see if scanning materials with different settings on my scanner turns out to have the same image profile (if that’s the right term) under Levels in my graphics program.  In that case, I can do the editing on my computer and not worry about the quality of my scanner’s eye.  And actually, I should be able to test this without even doing a final drawing — just a set of test swatches should be fine for me to check the Levels.

If worse comes to worse, I can see about taking the proofs to a copy store — or the Multimedia Lab — and having them reproduced there.  IF — and that’s a big IF — they are not just for rough drafts, with the final tones (if not the majority of the final artwork) being added or tweaked in soft copy, and then reproduced electronically.  (As versus the inking and final tones being laid down in hard copy, then simply edited in soft copy, then reproduced electronically.)

Now how the heck am I going to carry these around?  (Especially considering that I don’t use exclusively Copic products?)  I did get a pouch for portable illustration materials, but that pouch is pretty full right about now — to the point that I’d have to dump stuff out to figure out what is where.  There really do seem to be two different sets of materials in there, though:  one for working on top of some kind of colored ground; the other for a white ground, with black inking assumed for now (but not guaranteed).

I suppose I can see if either the Copic wallets or my colored pencil wallet will hold these markers, but I’m not hopeful on that front.  I suppose I could always sew a canvas roll to hold these, with a flap which folds down to keep things from flying out, and some kind of flat band to cinch around the outside…(two D-rings should hold it; I need this to hold 12 Copics, pencils, at least one stick eraser, and various fineliners).

Hmm.  I might even have the canvas…the question just becomes whether the old sewing machine is still operational.  And, well, I’d have to make sure the pencils wouldn’t poke their way through, too.  Good point, brain.  Reinforce the bottom flap with denim, right.  And maybe make it so that even worn-down pencils can be retrieved…ehh…that’s looking not so practical now.  Maybe forget about the pencils and just work with what doesn’t change length?  Or work with mechanical or drafting pencils, instead of the wooden ones.

Eh.  I’ll figure it out.

A lot of other things happened today, but I’ll put them in a different post (or posts).

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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