I’m either having issues with staying focused, or I’m burning out.


I checked this space last night and then went to bed — I’d thought that someone had commented on that one political post, but I think that was a dream.  🙂  Right now I’m on a break and — surprise! — I wanted to write instead of draw.  Even though I brought my materials with me.  Well…

I’m kind of not feeling too great.  Not in reference to the cold I caught; that’s pretty much over, except for a few remnants — but in reference to my classes.  I did have to take some time off of school earlier this week because of sickness.  Accordingly, now I don’t really know what the assignment is or was in reference to Figure Drawing, other than that it dealt with the skeleton (and I was expected to work on it).  Plus, I have an oral presentation due in Art History (again!  surprise!  and it will be like this for the next five weeks!  Surprise!) on Wednesday.  I really have only begun the chapter we’re supposed to either be reading or have read.  I have about two and a half to four minutes to talk about Manet.  I know relatively nothing about Manet, other than what was in our textbook, and I didn’t feel like researching it yesterday on my lunch hour.  Nor do I feel like researching it right now.

I’ll try and figure it out.

I also ended up dropping the Studio Art Lab.  I did this so that I could avoid the work and pressure of trying to figure out exactly what it was that I was focusing on in the Lab…it was too much work for one unit when I already had another three classes to worry about.  I’m thinking of retaking it sometime later, but right now I’m considering Special Projects in Drawing for Fall, meaning that I’ll already have at least one class in which I will be determining the curriculum.  I’m aiming to be out after Spring 2016 — the two classes I should have left for certain, are the capstone, and the second stage of Figure Drawing.

I’m just not sure whether I should take Intermediate Painting in Fall ’15.  It doesn’t apply toward the certificate; neither does the Art History course I wanted to take — and Art History is probably a lot more relevant.  And really, maybe I should have some free time to play around, you know?  (Like, read and write and draw what I actually want to draw, and stuff.)  It’s just that I am concerned that I’ll spend that free time asleep.

My time to write here is just about up…but I’m thinking really now about utilizing the art as another mode of expression, and dealing primarily with writing as a way to generate funds for living.  I’m just not certain I’m committed enough to the art, though it is certain that I am that committed to writing.

I just need to read a lot more.  And maybe write some papers or stories with my research.  🙂


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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