Fun with markers (no pics today, but soon. SOON)!

I have done no homework today.  I have been writing and drawing.  Well…yeah.

I was primarily testing out one of the blank art journals I got a couple of days ago, which has grey paper.  This, plus the Derwent Line Painters…I just bought these, and was intimidated initially from using them (they were 5 for $18, and have special hollow nibs and opaque fluid ink).  I may have said earlier that I couldn’t find these in the store (I can’t remember on what platform I said this), but I called ahead and reserved them — so the salesperson really helped me, there.  They’re really getting to recognize me at that store.

I have a feeling that I might be getting addicted to paint pens and markers in the future…there’s only a hitch in the fact that they’re usually in locked cases, because of graffiti problems.  But it is really cool to have opaque ink!  (Opaque white ink, at that!)

I did work on a drawing tonight which was initially just to test the shades of my Copics.  I have seven of them in Cool Gray and Black — this means that I’m missing several tones.  From my work tonight, I can see that I may want to get those missing tones.  My collection is fine where it comes to the lighter shades, but in darker shades, I’m missing every other marker.  I didn’t think I’d be able to tell the difference, anyway.  However, if I’m drawing a dark-toned object against a background including another dark-toned object, it would be nice to have a subtle difference so that there is more than highlighting or outlining differentiating the foreground and background.

And…those Copics are really only good on light-colored paper.  Only my darkest three markers even showed up on the grey paper as more than a light-colored blotch.  However — I have not gotten the chance to test the Line Painters out on white paper, though on grey (and black), it’s really apparent they’re opaque.  My silver and white pens stand out best, there…(and the Gelly Rolls, I’ve found, are actually not what I’d jump for, unless I had no better option — they’re kind of thin as compared to a Uni-Ball Signo or whatever other style of Uni-Ball pen I got in silver [I can’t remember the style right now]) but what kind of art would I really be able to make utilizing silver ink?  Hmm.  The illustration I made which caused me to jump for the grey journal does use silver ink, though there it’s more like “grey + hey, metallic.”  I have no idea how it will scan.

On the grey paper, I could see that the Pitt markers (black and white) and the fineliners really held their own — I did end up using the fat markers more than I’d expected to, though.  I’m not sure if this is because my drawing style is loosening up, or what, but I do use a lot more of a gestural line with the huge markers.

I’m sure people will want to see what I’ve been playing around at — though I’d rather wait until daybreak to photograph these.

And then — there is the difference in process I went through for the third page I started playing with (the one with the Copics on white paper).  I started out trying to draw a character beginning with the eyes, which is what I learned when I was about 14.  Then I remembered all the times I’d tried to do this and ended up completely erasing and repositioning and shrinking the eyes and moving around other parts of the face to compensate.  What I ended up doing was a gesture drawing, with the head as more of a mask shape + sphere…and only added in the details after the rest of the composition was good.

I’m not sure how it ended up (I will probably need a bit of distance for that; a couple of weeks, maybe).  But I can say that the approach did work out, even though my character’s face looks a little wonky, to me.  (I think there’s some distortion around the far eye, like it’s a little high or something.)  I’m sure it will get better, though.

The weird (and fun) thing is watching the drawing develop.  Like I started out with this badly drawn sketch of a face and then penciled in the body and head, redrew the face, added clothes over the body, and ended up with a shaded character who is partially against a background.  I wanted to make a tree behind him (he’s carrying someone’s backpack in a way which makes it seem like he’s sneaking around with it, prank-jerk-style) , but then I was like, “do I really want to draw in an anti-deer fence around that tree?”  And then I was like, “Maybe I can put a narration box there and block out some of the fence.”  This was so I could have the fence and not have to deal with drawing all of what I wanted to draw, but what would be hard to draw:  one of those bright orange plastic sheets with the squarish cutouts that people wrap around saplings.

Shortcuts.  Yes?

Speaking of that, I need to use either a 2H or HB graphite pencil to draw the initial sketches.  I used a 2B, and it really did not want to fully erase.  The reason I like 2B is because of its versatility and hesitance to incise the paper, but markers don’t behave like colored pencils do with incised lines.

I should probably get going — maybe I can look forward to photographing this stuff in the morning and hence actually get up at a decent hour.  Then I can do my assigned reading!  (Joy!)

Okay, I’m out.

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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