Finally finished my homework! Aaa! It’s done!!! OMG I can post…

Aww, you guyz!!!

I’ve just completed the last assignment due this week and I’m so happy!!!  I have time to do more of the things!  😀

It was really hard for me to stay mostly offline for the last couple of days while I was getting these first two homework assignments done.  I gave an oral presentation earlier today (would have gone better, except I was underprepared and froze up at one point — I needed 3″x5″ cards, not just a printout).  In addition, I finished my watercolor painting and have turned it in already.  At some point I’ve just got to say, “okay, I’m done,” and just stop.  It would have been better with a more dimensional backdrop, but the way I drew in the background (with transparent watercolors), it wouldn’t have worked out.  Unless, that is, I used that Permanent White gouache mixed with the watercolor to make it opaque…

I did get to use my liner brush for the first time today!  And it works great!  (Which reminds me that I should really have washed out my brushes with tap water [not just almost-clean tub water], hours ago…oops…but I think they’ll be OK, I was just using Prangs.  Melty melty Prangs.  Plus two wash tubs — one for rinsing and one for wetting my colors and rinsing-after-rinsing.)

Also, I did some math while thinking about how much I’m working per week, schoolwork and my job combined…though I haven’t matched up my estimates below to the large numbers here.  The lower estimate is 42.5 hours, if I count all three of my labs as outside-class work time; the higher estimate is 49 hours.  But I kind of suck at math since I haven’t had to use it for years.  GET USED TO WORKING A 40-HR WEEK right…  🙂

Yesterday I got almost three hours to work on my painting in class.  That’s decent, and more than expected.  Normally, there’s one hour of lecture and two of lab.  If I pair that time with the six hours I’m spending on painting outside of class, that’s 10 hours of work and two of lecture, a week.

Figure drawing…now that’s something else…!  It’s two units, so we should be spending four hours outside of class on homework, and we’re basically drawing for about two and a half hours straight.  That’s 6.5 hours of work per week, on top of one hour of lecture.

So I did just have my first Figure Drawing course with an unclothed model, yesterday–!  That was a little bit of a shock, but to a really great extent I recognized how vulnerable the model could feel.  (Of course, it probably didn’t help when I giggled at the choice of alarm that ended the session.)  I think this was the first Figure Drawing session for most of us.

Toward the end, I kind of hit my groove and started drawing some really nice images.  This was the time when I defaulted to my own technique of drawing as versus attempting to map out the figure via its extremities, spine, shoulders, and hips, later adding knees and elbows.  I can’t really do that, and keep proportion, very well.

Then there’s Art History, which was the oral presentation today…I’m supposed to be spending 6 hours a week on that homework outside of class, but I think I did that with the reading (and crash-course familiarization with what the book was talking about) alone.  By the time I had finished all the reading, it was the night before my oral presentation and I had to find a topic and quickly (I chose Lichtenstein) — but that oral only counted for 10 points, maximum.  The worst thing that can happen is that my old classmate becomes ashamed to be seen with me and sits somewhere else, next time.  😉

And I found out today that the teacher doesn’t even expect us to have gotten the book, yet.  SERIOUSLY?!  I did readings in two chapters and online research, and gave an oral presentation, and she doesn’t expect us to have the BOOK yet?

So I’m feeling pretty good.  It will be interesting to see if I can keep up with all of this, all the way through the semester.  I’ll really have to be on top of my time management, but so long as I stay off of the computer (for play) and out of the bed, I think I’ll be OK.  I have been relatively good at easing myself into not having to constantly be on top of social media, and I think that’s actually a really good thing, given especially that I’m looking at having to support myself, and that I’ll need the discipline I develop now, to get my work done.

But seriously, I can’t go lie down in bed and stay awake, anymore.  I’m not sure what it is.

I’m thinking tea will be helpful, too — so long as I don’t overuse it.  I tried some kind of “sweet tea” today which almost tasted like Thai iced tea but without the milk.  It was pretty good!  I have no idea what goes into Thai iced tea, either, except for the condensed milk, so…I don’t know what is in it or if it could have a black tea base like the sweet tea.  I just know it’s orange and tastes good.

Okay, so now I’m talking about the intentional use of legal stimulants.  Okay.  I guess I’m just talking like a typical college student, but still.  No energy drinks.  Just tea.  Tea!

Mmm.  Tea.

*nascent caffeine addiction kicks back in*

*remembers caffeine-withdrawal migraines*

At least I know not to go to Starbucks for anything with milk in it…

I think I need to either go do something else now, or change topics…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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