HahaHahaHa. Spreadsheets are better than planners!

I need to get on scheduling time to work on class projects (reading and studio work, plus writing, photo prep and research time), but I’m not sure exactly where it would be best to do that.

Maybe I *should* buy a weekly planner…I passed on one this last time because it was expensive, and I tend to use them for about two weeks and then forget about them.  Or, I could print out my schedule, like I did this last week, and see what times are open.  Thing is, I’m normally up until at least 10 PM, and scheduling in all my waking hours ranges from about 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM.  Being up for 15 hours sizes me off of my regular calendar.  If I could get to bed by 10:30 PM, though, that would give me a solid 9 hours of rest, even on my earliest day.

That sounds good.  I’d just have to actually wake at 7:30 AM, and stay up all day, so I’m tired enough to quickly fall asleep at night.  I’ve already scheduled in morning hygiene, food, and commute, but I haven’t scheduled in the commute home or getting ready for bed.  Neither have I scheduled in time for meals and food preparation and chores (vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the tub and sinks, laundry), or occasional hygiene (showering, flossing).  It would be good to do that.

Blogging is this extra thing, but it presses on my mind enough so that I should schedule in time for that, too.  Maybe I could prepare 1-2 major posts a week and use the Draft feature here so that I can start writing whenever I want, and then finalize and publish on set days.  This would be instead of logging on to write and then publishing immediately.  I’d have time to think about my topics…I’d just have to make sure that I don’t think it to death prior to publishing.

It would be nice to use my camera more, too; there are things images can communicate that text usually doesn’t, and as regards the art, a lot of stuff comes up around visual problems that could be seed prompts.

And actually…I just recalled a spreadsheet file I made which I can use as a weekly planner.  But it would actually take a lot of ink to print out every week, I’m thinking…

EDIT:  BA HA!  I found my old spreadsheet file and altered it.  It has enough room for me to put in all my waking hours, plus I can edit freely, color-code, and reuse it (unlike a traditional paper planner).  I have about twice as much free time as I need, even with carrying 19 hours at work.  I just need to use it wisely.

I’ve factored in that I need to get to bed by 10 PM and have my first alarm at 7 AM.  That leaves me…not so much time to take a shower tonight!  But I will.

I’m feeling a bit better about this.  Tomorrow in the morning, maybe I can work either on my Painting assignment, or my reading.  There’s an oral presentation due on Wednesday…I don’t know why the first assignment is an oral presentation due in the second class, but I suppose it is just community college.  I probably shouldn’t stress too much over it.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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