In progress…

I finally got around to updating my list of “things to do”.

I still have to color Rajas/Tamas and Indra’s Net (the two watercolor projects), I’ve nearly finished Leap of Faith, except for fixing the charcoal and cutting it out of my pad (I should do that tonight), I’ve started on Crop Circles (an updated Fractal), and I still have my Map of an Imaginary Place from last critique, to work on.  I won’t be able to do much with the watercolors at school, tomorrow — it’s been raining.

Tomorrow, all I’ll be able to work on are Crop Circles and Map, during class.  I can use my larger papers for this, and leave my portfolio at home.

On Friday, I should work on coloring the two watercolor drawings.  Before 12/11, I should photograph all my pics and burn them for the end-of-semester portfolio, and write my Self-Evaluation.


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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