List of items to finish (and buy) before 12-09-14

  • Written component | V
  • Rajas/Tamas | in process (coloring)
  • Indra’s Net | in process (coloring)
  • Pregnant (may require multiple tries [spatter?]) | V
  • Gate/Pond (Leap of Faith?) | (needs fixing)
  • Fractal | V
  • Soul Mirror | in process (almost done) | V
  • Knock | in process (to finish inking) | V
  • Wheel | V
  • Bamboo | V-

  • Map of an imaginary place (from last critique) |
  • OilBar drawing | x
  • Self-evaluation |
  • Paper on Shahzia Sikander (due 11/30/14?) | x
  • Digital photographs of portfolio ⇒ CD-R for teacher |
    To buy:
  • white gouache
  • black gouache (Pregnant, Gate/Pond/Leap of Faith)? or use Prang black
    (used charcoal instead)
  • 11″x14″ Hardbord panel
  • pale blue, violet Pitt B pens (2-3)
  • screen (for spatter)?

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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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