Finance classes more useful in my situation than Art?

This post minorly goes over what I got out of comparing and contrasting the courses I wanted to take as versus the courses I thought I should take.  It also references the fact that some of the classes which might help me most on a day to day basis, are classes I’d rather not do.

The latter are majorly from within the Business department, and largely have to do with finance and accounting — which I’d need if I were self-employed, say as a freelance writer or graphic artist.  I think I’ve reached the point where I’m okay with not being a Jewelry Designer.  I still have not yet reached the point where I’m okay with giving up the Graphic Novel aspirations.

Nor have I reached the point where I’m okay with not writing fiction, though this…is somewhat looser, given that I’m practicing writing so often that I don’t really have to worry about losing my skill.  Neither have I actually written fiction in a very long time, though, so this…is potential I see, but not a fruiting one at this moment.

I did just return a slew of library books which I will be requesting again, having to do with finding a job after having majored in English.  I basically wasn’t looking at them and didn’t even know when they were due.  I do think it would be a good idea to look at those books now, though.  I should probably just get 2 or 3 at first so that I don’t overwhelm myself.

I’ve reviewed some of the tasks listed under “Technical Writing,” in the classes I might be taking, and I think that it’s probably too “technical” for me.  I also purchased about $30 in metalwork magazines which make it clear that I don’t really care to make jewelry enough to invest in being a silversmith — or so it seems from here, as I view other peoples’ designs.  The biggest issue I face on that front is how to avoid having things look “machined,” which I really don’t like (even though I can relatively easily obtain it).  Nor am I advanced enough yet to know how to avoid what I see as an “industrial” look.

Outside of metal clay and casting, in my country we’re working with metal sheet, wire, and tubing.  It is an unusual artist who can get the sheet, wire, and tubing, not to look like sheet, wire, and tubing.  🙂  And I’m not particularly in love with metalwork, even though I like to dream up things which can be created in metal.

My first and major love where it comes to jewelry is beadweaving, but …that is a very time- and labor-intensive craft which creates pieces with normally low value where it comes to parts; but high value in craft and design.  I suppose that maybe it’s like Ceramics — one takes something very low in value and through skill and artistry and process makes it into something beautiful and valuable.

I don’t think, though, that I could charge what the pieces even cost to make, without being challenged by buyers for the cost being “too high,” especially given that there is such a market for beadwork patterns now, and many newbies don’t know what skill in beadwork looks like.  There’s also the possibility that they wouldn’t even be able to recognize it, because they don’t know that it exists (given the myriad variants of “my 5-year-old could do that”).  What I could do is make patterns and write/draw them out, and sell them.  This gets around the issue of the high per-hour labor cost and makes things attractive in terms of the low barrier to entry (that is, the relatively low cost of glass beads).

I’m not sure of the viability of that though, either, given illegal file-sharing.

But anyhow, that’s not what I meant to write about.  I have listed here five classes which will clear me for four certificates.  There are five more which would be very helpful if I wanted to go into business as an artist, but this is not including Accounting or Financial Management.  I don’t really want to take the Accounting series, though it is only two or three classes (depending on which path I take).

I just see things as managing the entire cash flow (excluding marketing, or acquiring clients) from fees (knowing what to charge), through budgeting (planning/bills) and bookkeeping (records), to knowing how much I have left to spend, and when.  Then there is what to pay for with cash and what to pay for with credit, and how to keep credit from spiraling out of control.

That set of skills is eminently useful.  It is even possible that I could become better with money than my parents, who now manage my money.

It’s just when I read back over my past note saying that over half of multimedia artists in the U.S. were self-employed in 2012, it makes me think that this is something I need, even if it’s something I don’t want to have to do.

Maybe I should just keep the plan in mind and not worry about the Certificates too much?  I could well become employed in a field which utilizes my Writing skills, and not Technical Writing skills.  I just need to know what those fields are.  Business classes should help me no matter what my eventual field becomes.  There is even the possibility that Art skills won’t factor into my job at all.  And I’m only four classes away from four certificates, not even counting Figure Drawing (which is irrelevant unless I go into Animation or Graphic Novels, the latter of which is unnecessary if I write a literary or sci-fi/fantasy novel, which is more in line with what I was actually trained to do).

Maybe I should be working on a concept and script for a Graphic Novel.  That way, I can figure out whether I’ll actually even want to do the thing, and if not, I won’t have to worry about certain classes (like Drawing and Watercolor, which I at least think I want to do now), and can reorient myself in a Multimedia Art + Design direction.

Aggh.  It’s kind of hard, working on this.

Maybe I’ll take Watercolor I this Spring.  I really want to do it, and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay in school.  Then I can take General Accounting, since I’m giving myself the gift of Watercolor, and I can delay in Figure Drawing and take it later.  Instead, maybe I can take a Digital Media class — I have two lined up.

Of course, this all depends on when these classes are given, but the above is…just a hypothetical example.

I think I’ve written myself out…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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