*sighs* just one more day at ye olde library…

Alright!  Back from work and one matcha frozen yogurt richer.  😉

I really need to watch it where it comes to overworking myself.  I didn’t take my second break early enough, and ended up getting dizzy from lack of food and water around the last hour.  However, I have found that about 2 PM is a good time for lunch — five hours straight with a break around hour 3 is doable for me.  It’s just that then I’ve got to cram in that second break sometime in hour 7.

I don’t like feeling like I’m lazy.  I know I’m not lazy, but taking a break after about an hour of shelving?  It seems too easy.

Today, I chose to work on shelving the kids’ picture books because I was sure it would take me about an hour — which it did; actually, slightly less than an hour — since that cart is basically packed with a bit more than twice the amount of books as at my regular branch.  (I was feeling sorry for the volunteer who was trying to avoid the section at any cost.)  At my home branch, that cart takes about 20 minutes.

I found out why the volunteer was trying to avoid the area — it was really pretty messed up.  Like Dr. Seuss books with the same call number in three separate places, messed up.  But I’ve been doing this for a few years, and if anyone was going to fix it, it was probably good it was me.  Of course, maybe I was being too attentive to what was and was not in order.  Sometimes speed has to be prioritized over accuracy, but as it was, this was the only cart ready to shelve (which the volunteer was trying her hardest to avoid).  But what can I say?  I’m glad they come at all.

Even though I did find a number of sections in the YA area which had books plugged into them in no relevant order whatsoever (I forgot to mention this to my boss).  And even fixing all of that — that which I directly came across, that is; I’m sure there’s more — took me a bit less than half an hour.  So I’m doing good.  Rule of thumb is one cart every 20 minutes or less, with none taking over 30 minutes.  But that’s at my home branch, which is kept in a much higher state of order, where the carts are made to be shelved in less than half an hour, and where we’re basically almost timed.

I guess, at least I’m feeling competent.  At my second job site, I’m using a more relaxed version of these standards, given that the workflow is a bit different.

I still need to get on the project of beginning a job search, even if it is just for research purposes.  I’m seriously thinking, now, of going to work two days out of the week for about eight hours a day and just leaving it at that.  But I do work Sundays, too, and my supervisor there doesn’t want to see me go.  Sundays are kinda sweet, too — I don’t have to be on desk at all unless there is a severe staff shortage.  This has happened.

If I did work two days at my home branch, though, that’s still only 4 hours on desk, which is relatively easy (depending on who is there) — in the past, 4 hours on desk could have been taken in one day.  And that, my friends, that is not easy.  The only “easy” part of it is knowing that you can only do one thing at a time and just switching between tasks as needed until the hour’s up.  The difficult part of it comes when random people want to chat about things entirely unrelated to work and get in the way of others being able to, say, check things out or pay fines, and get in the way of the person behind the desk being able to concentrate on anything other than said random person.  Who is usually inebriated.

I’m told this is a common malady in public jobs.

And, now I’m thinking that maybe it is a good thing that I decided to go to self-defense training coming up this Fall.  I’m not sure how much extra cash I’ll have — the program is sliding-scale.  I don’t make a lot of money as it is, and I’m losing about 28 hours of paid time in order to attend (think, about $225).  I’d wanted to give them about $60, which is mid-scale.  I’m hoping I’ll have it, then.  And, hey — I’m in a Drawing class, I can draw some more Christmas cards for people this year.  (Only, they’ll be better than last year.)

At the same time, I am really ready, I think, to try on another job.  It doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll have to give up the job I already have, but even having some form of an “out,” and some kind of a different workflow and environment, will be really good for me, I think.  The job I’m in, now, really doesn’t take advantage of my strengths — or my degree — and I’m kind of wanting to see what’s out there.

So, right.  Yes.  I will need to work on my writing portfolio.  As for what else…

…I really hate being forced to work within a capitalist system, but it’s what I’ve got, I guess…and I have approached this from the eye of an entrepreneur, so I suppose I can say that it isn’t all bad…


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Haru ("Codey") is a third-year Master's student in Library and Information Science, hoping to find a way to fuse their desire to make the world a better place and to finance their art.

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